In order to consolidate and develop its R&D and business branches in the scope of the Smart Cities, Microio has constituted the Citibrain consortium, along with two partners, respectively, experts on software and communications, with the shared strategic interests in the development of this area and several years of collaboration.

Through this consortium, the work developed by each of the companies in the area of the Smart Cities was better structured and strengthened, enabling to provide stakeholders of strategic markets with a wide range of interoperable solutions, for integrated urban ecosystems. This way, the three companies build the mechanism to approach de market with a distinct portfolio, extremely competitive in terms of solutions, technical competences and business models and a much superior dissemination and market penetration capability, then presented by any of the partners separately.

Despite de developed parking system (S.E.I.) being at the same level or even beyond its competition from a technological point of view, some of its competitors present already present a more lasting and consolidated presence on the market. Therefore, it is not only necessary to define a business strategy with what is attainable today, but also considering the innovative research and development that is taking place today and will ensure, tomorrow, the accomplishment of more distinctive goals.

This way, in order to achieve clearly differentiating features and services, in the face of the stronger identified competitors, and make S.E.I. a disruptive solution, the system was integrated in the Citibrain consortium, as the Smart-parking vertical, part of an interoperable smart solution ecosystem. The intended development of the S.E.I., with the know-how and experience gathered by the 3 partners, will enable the solution to integrate new and highly innovative services, including Big Data and Machine Learning, for predictive occupation flows and compatibility with open standards, such as OMA LwM2M, ETSI M2M or FIWARE NGSI.

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