Microio is specialized in vertical, technological solutions, composed by the integrated development of hardware and software components. Being an company with great know-how and experience on the development of embedded systems (control systems based on microprocessors for real-time applications, interfaces and system integration); communications infrastructures (Intranet, Internet, GPRS and short range machine-to-machine communications); and solutions in the scope of the Internet of Things (constituted by multiple endpoint networks of low consumption and bandwidth).

Alongside its core-business of the development of integrated management systems, Microio has strongly invested in the development of solutions in the scope of Smart-Cities. Intending the provision of technological solutions that enable enhanced interoperability, sustainability and quality of service to cities and involved stakeholders, and, consequentially, better quality of life to its inhabitants/users. Therefore, the development of the areas of mobility, environmental pollution monitoring, waste and communications networks.

Smart Parking
smart traffic
Smart Environment

In the scope of mobility, the accompaniment of the development of vehicular density within city centres and urban areas, zones with the most concentration of cars, is of extreme relevance considering it is a matter intrinsically related with its inhabitant’s quality of life, either directly or indirectly, for the ones that do not own a car. In the same way, in industrial environments, for the management of company fleets and good operation of the parking lot, either for employees or guests, also high vehicular density situations can be created, compromising the well-being in the workplace and the company’s daily operation. Thus the relevance of approaching this problem, common to both urban and industrial environments.

For this, Microio developed S.E.I.: Sistema de Estacionamento Inteligente, a system adaptable to most of the identified use-cases, for providing stakeholders with effective tools and better user experiences. The system is highly scalable, modular, and interoperable, working on the basis of the vehicular detection via a wireless, magnetic parking sensor, individually, per parking space.

Sensor Smart Parking
Magnetic parking sensor