Maintenance contracts ensure the upgrade and evolution of the systems as well as the technical support that is needed. In this sense, there are two types of contracts – the Update Contract and the Technical Assistance Agreement – which will enable the Client to obtain a day-to-day update and also access to the latest product versions.

Contracts services

Microio’s Update contracts and Technical Assistance Agreements include the following services, available to the client accordantly to the type of contract selected.

Applications updating

Access by the Customer to the new sub-versions of the product, during the time of contract validity.

Customer support

Customer support will be provided via email, phone, and even through a remote connection from technical support RH from Microio.

Dedicated manager

Possibility of assigning a Microio manager whom will be the person responsible for providing customer support in any way you choose.

Formations scholarship

Training package delivered to you within the formations performed in Microio’s plan.

Hours package

Package of hours available for personal technical support assistance.