Demonstração do Sistema de Estacionamento Inteligente Project

In the presented parking problem framework and in the sequence of the successful development do the R&D project SEI – Conceção e desenvolvimento de Sistema de Controlo e Estacionamento Inteligente and the following developments, the motivation for the present demonstration arose, with the purpose of:

  • Demonstrating the efficacy and impact of the operation of the Smart Parking system, in urban and industrial environment;
  • Evaluating and validating the new development with SIGFOX, upgrades that underline the innovative features of the system;
  • Demonstrate the potential of repeatability of the solution based on the compatibility and interoperability of the Sistema de Estacionamento Inteligente with other systems.

In order to accomplish the defined goals, two implementations were planned in two distinct scenarios: one in urban environment, to approach the hardship of parking within cities (with monitoring of parking places and signalling of their availability to drivers on light panels placed strategic streets and bifurcations), and one in industrial environment, in order to tackle the difficulties involving fleet management within the company premises (with individualized identification of vehicles, access control to the company premises and parking space monitoring).

mapa Barra
mapa moveaveiro SEI

In summary, the Sistema de Estacionamento Inteligente implementations made in the scope of the project contemplate:

  • Magnetic parking sensors, with low-power, long range LoRa and SIGFOX (LPWAN) wireless communications, with several yearlong autonomies, individually deployed per parking space;
  • Interaction with informative panels with wireless communications and real-time actualization, for driver information of certain zones/streets parking availability, but also vehicle identification for access to premises and specific points of interest;
  • Web platform for remote, real-time, system management and monitoring.