The Wman-NG project (Next Generation of Wireless Metropolitan Area Network) represents the creation of an network infrastructure at metropolitan level, characterized by very low energy consumption, low throughput and widespread use (for the provision of urban services, typically Machine-to-Machine, which demand high network coverage).
This theme clearly falls in the domain of such acknowledged and well-known Smart Cities and Internet of Things, proposing to find a solution that addresses a major problem present in this type of infrastructure/networks: energy efficiency (autonomy) in terms of network endpoints according to the level of the network capillarity.

This project intended to research the possibility of creating a connection between communication infrastructures actually available together with adding a minimum of access points, keeping the main focus in energy saving of network endpoints. It is intended to create a new access network with the appropriate level of capillarity which enable the connection between field elements and cloud processing servers. Thus we pretend to settle the basis to explore complex systems cloud based, preparing the coming of Internet of Things, fueled by the widespread adoption of IPv6.

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