The Integrated Management System - UNICARD is complementary and integrable with different ERP's and is focused on access control, sales and cashless payments. The Unicard family is divided into 5 by-products, adapted to the reality of the Institutions for which they are intended.

Unicard School is an integrated school management system, designed to support the routines of educational communities, by promoting the comfort, well-being and safety of goods and people. The streamlining of processes and easy access to valuable information promotes the increasing service efficiency, resource optimization and responsiveness.

Unicard Kids is a management solution for primary schools and kindergartens. Aims to automate a number of processes related to booking and payment of meals and schedule extensions, allowing, in a decentralized way, the request of services, and the possibility of obtaining a centralized management of all the processes involved in a simpler and more effective way. The component of school transport is the final link in the system, allowing a fully integrated management.

Unicard Campus is an integrated management system designed to support higher education institutions in the routines of educational communities, promoting comfort, well-being and the security of goods and people.

Unicard Business is an integrated management system designed to promote the rationalization of internal resources of institutions, the effective management of micropayments, access and attendance.

Unicard Ticket is an innovative solution that supports ticket sales in an effective way. This solution facilitates ticket and product sales, access control and other operations in local business such as museums, exhibitions, events, among others.