The SOCIAL project: Social Cooperation for Integrated Assisted Living results from the vision and initiative of a consortium of companies in the ICT sector, led by Kentra Technologies and with the participation of Digitalwind and Microio, also integrating the scientific and technological know-how of the Institute Pedro Nunes and the University of Aveiro.

The project takes, as a starting point, the problem and the challenges that the aging of the population, the inversion of the age pyramid and the consequent increase in the consumption of resources in the age group above the 65 years place in the present societies, in particular the impact on the provision of health care and social scope. It is generally accepted that integration and continuity of care, from the perspective of institutions, providers and users, is a key issue for current care systems to be able to provide increasingly sophisticated and reality-based responses constantly changing.

The project aims, therefore, to contribute to the ambitious design of integration and continuity of care, with a specific focus on those that are closer to the citizen, ie those that are the responsibility of the society-centered care networks formal social care and informal caregivers.

The innovative nature of the project is that, contrary to many technological approaches, it does not advocate the development of partial solutions, but rather to identify and implement structural components that will allow the instantiation of coherent and adequate information services that can be used in a continuous range of care, ranging from lifestyle management to hospitalization or institutionalization.

Based on its technical-scientific skills and development strategy, Microio integrates the SOCIAL project with a view to the development of solutions in the area of the Internet of Things, involving the implementation of sensors and complementary devices with connection to the platform, to enable the monitoring non-invasive use of the various application environments.

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