MXreader Zigbee

MXREADER ZIGBEE is a standalone access controller, which operates autonomously, without having to be connected to the network and which manages accesses through the UNICARD / SIGE system of Microio.
The UNICARD/SIGE system users can add/name/remove cards, define groups and access rules, set the duration and volume of the alarm in case of an open door during a certain time, and store, query and export logs , and make other types of advanced settings, both online and offline.
For a good functioning of the system it will be advisable to acquire one gateway for every 20 MXREADER terminals, each terminal being free of obstacles (walls, large furniture) in order to guarantee the stability and quality of the network. The ZigBee solution does not require the passage of cables, it is only necessary to fix the device to the wall, following the instructions provided when purchasing the product.
Connecting the MXREADER terminal to a Microio UNICARD/SIGE server allows integrated and global management of the institution through data crossing.

Tags Supported: Mifare Classic 1K / 125kHz
Reading up to 5 cm (depending on the card)
Up to 10.000 users per terminal
Protocol: ISO 14443 A
Operating System: Windows, Linux and Mac
LED multicolor
Buzzer audio (configurable and multi tone)
Tamper de intrusão
Indoor use only
Operating temperature: -20ºC ~ 50ºC

  •   User manual
  •   MXREADER drilling and installation template
  •   Fixing accessories


  • Power supply 12VDC 1A
  • Electronic door lock
  • Open door reed sensor (REED sensor)
  • Quick exit button (REX button)

mxreader Ethernet zigbee