Project designation

Internationalization of SIGE WEB and Unicard Business for Brazil, Mexico and UK

Project code


Main goal

Reinforcing the internationalization strategy: new products (SIGE WEB and Unicard Business) and new markets (Brazil, Mexico and UK)

Intervention region


Beneficiary entity

Microio – Serviços de Electrónica, Lda

Approval date


Start date


Date of the conclusion

2017-08-31 (request for 12 months extension)

Total eligible cost


EU financial support


The strategic objectives are to increase sales, essentially exports to reach 750 thousand euros by 2018, create a promotional video of the main products, raise 3 new customers per country and certify SIGE in Brazil and Mexico, of this outlined the following investments:

  1. Participation in the BETT EDUCA, WCIT, GESS and BETT Show Fairs, development of reverse action and promotion actions in the markets, to attract potential clients in the countries to be addressed
  2. Promotional material such as brochures, DVD’s with the promotional video and a report in two renowned magazines in Brazil and Mexico
  3. Certification of SIGE software
  4. Hiring a Level 6 IT Engineer to ensure continuous and personalized follow-up of international projects
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