The DETAINER project seeks the operationalization of the R&D Hub formed by Microio and the Instituto de Telecomunicações, and the development of its competencies in the areas of Wireless Communications and Cyber-Physical Systems, with R&D supported on top of the patent “Method and Apparatus for the Deterministic Capture of a Communication Channel Shared Among Contention-Based Technologies” (US 9313043 B2, detained by Micro I/O and the University of Aveiro, in the USA).

The patent concerns a technology and a methodology that enable the transmission of information in environments in which an excess of communication networks leads to the impossibility to access the medium, impeding the data transmission. In safety critical applications such as, for example: access control in emergency situations, safety in vehicular applications and industrial applications, or of any kind that requires hard-real time operation, the patented solution enables the transmission of the critical frames, ensuring, this way, the availability of the channel for this application.

Based on the patent, this project seeks the implementation and validation of prototypes and proofs of concept, the preparation of an adequate result appreciation strategy, the reinforcement of the presence on the areas of security/domotics, vehicular and industrial (strategic, on the promoter’s development policy) and the establishment of relevant partnerships, seeking the future exploitation of the produced solutions. Also intending, along the way, the organization and consolidation of the R&D Hub’s operation and its capacity to administrate the generated knowledge, in search for a sustainable continuous activity.