B-Live is a domotic solution to adapt conventional houses into functional houses. This system is focused on helping people with severe functional limitations like quadriplegics so they can control and monitor many features at home autonomously (access, lighting, operations in devices). With this product, citizens with disabilities are able to improved their quality of life, being able to conquer more autonomy, increasing the sense of freedom for companions and assistants.

The system has a modular structure, allowing a phased acquisition, adaptable to every situation, for low costs.

B-Live results from two years of research between Microio, Universty of Aveiro (Department of Electronic, Telecommunications and Informatics, and Superior School of Technology and Management of Águeda) and the Center for Medicine Rehabilitation of Center Region – “Rovisco Pais” (CMRRC-RP). The researches also had the support of a medical team of this Center to conduct concept studies and prototype tests, with patients.
The scalable and evolutive carachter of B-Live, and its easy way to integrate with other products and /or services, predict to make B-Live acessible to other citizens, including invisuals and seniors, as also the inclusion of other interfaces, already sucessefully tested.
B-Live is the first product of Microio in the healthcare market, in the segment of technical aids, and the award “Eng. Jaime Filipe” represent a recognition of the innovation quality and the ability to convert knowledgement into products of this spin-off from University of Aveiro.