Demonstração - Sistema Estacionamento Inteligente

Microio's Smart Parking solution was designed to simplify the parking experience for both drivers and managing parties. Its main elements: the wireless parking sensors, user platforms and interoperability enable a varied set of functionalities for the stakeholders and thus the means for more efficient management and improved quality of life.



  • Wireless, magnetic sensors, with several yearlong autonomies;
  • SIGFOX/LoRa communications;
  • Scalability and interoperability with third-party systems/devices.
  • Available parking signalling in real-time;
  • Driver turn-by-turn guidance;
  • Parking occupation management;
  • Compatibility with third-party services.

  • With the project S.E.I.: Sistema de Estacionamento Inteligente, Microio intends to demonstrate the versatility, functionalities and impact of its Smart Parking solution, in both urban and industrial environments. For that, two different pilots were planned: one in Praia da Barra, to tacle the hardships of on-street parking in busy urban centres, and one with Aveiro's public bus operator, to address the challenges of fleet parking management.



  • On-street parking monitoring;
  • Interoperability with display panels for available parking signalling in real-time and driver turn-by-turn guidance;
  • Interoperability with management platform.
  • Private outdoor parking monitoring;
  • Identified/organized parking management;
  • Interoperability with access control systems;
  • Interoperability with display panels and management platform.