Gef is a queue management solution that allows organisations in public and private sector to display a new image: modern, efficient and costumer oriented. With a more fluid and effective care, Gef certainly provides a more enjoyable and organized experience for all users and delivers a better service with total system management control. With multimedia calling, multi-platform support (including Windows, Linux and Mac) and web management, Gef is an application that features a wide range of possibilities and settings.

Real-time information on waiting times
User / Operator Management
Online ticket status information
Web and email alerts
Integration with AD solutions (Microssoft Active Directory)
Simple installation with low maintenance cost
Optimization of resources and service processes
Reduction of waiting times and service zones
Better service quality and greater customer satisfaction

  • Operators, services and service stations configuration
  • Possibility of defining multiple managers
  • Reports emission for analysis services, stations and operators.
  • Ability to generate automatic alerts;
  • History of alerts and tickets issued


  • Panel information:

. Station and ticket number, service name
. Defining the ticket list order
. Screening (list/multimedia)
. Possibility to display only the contents of the service (post, service and password)
. Multimedia enables informative text and video viewing, HTML, flash, TV, interactive images and DVD

  • Allows voice calls


  • Two versions: buttons or touch-screen (with indication of services in operation and standby time)
  • Definition of maximum number of tickets issuing
  • Definition of active services by time
  • Hides bypassed services
  • Automatic closing of service based on the statistical information of the day


  • Enables to start and finalize the service
  • Transfer of clients/users to other services
  • Query customer lists/waiting users
  • Query of statistics inherent to the service
  • Signing a new client in the queue when it is empty
  • Customer Service Management