Microio - Serviços de Electrónica, Lda. is an enterprise that creates integrated software and hardware solutions for its own products or for specific custom applications. With a strong R&D and innovation activity, in connection with Universities in Portugal and Europe, Microio uses cutting-edge technology in the development of products and services, fitting the customer’s needs.

Microio was founded in 1998 at the Enterprise Incubator of Universidade of Aveiro. Since then, a tight collaboration with this and other Universities is carried on, promoting above all innovation, creativity and knowledge. This has also impact on the recruitment of high qualified professionals in many areas and in a constant activity of in-company masters and PhDs.

Microio privileges communication with its clients, leveraging synergies and creating innovative products and services in which the result of R&D activities are often integrated. This attitude has resulted in the submission of national and international patents in several areas such as payments and communication systems. Accordingly, Microio has obtain an international certification in the systematization of product development and improvement of critical processes of the organization – ITMARK, thus integrating the restrict group of the first three Portuguese companies holding this certification. It is also worth to be mentioned the certification in accordance with the standard NP4457:2007 of its Integrated Management System and the certification of the Quality Management System with the ISO 9001:2008 standard.

With an annual growth in recent years far above the national average, Microio is in counter cycle of the portuguese economy, thanks to a solid management, a strong focus on technologically proven solutions and to a diverse range of products and solutions, giving an effective response to the main concerns of its vast market: security issues and increasing management efficiency in organizations.

To design solutions to support the acquisition, processing and supplying valuable information for the organizations and decision makers
To be a reference company in the development of integrated hardware and software solutions
To look for innovative projects and products in the information technology and cyberphysical systems fields, with strong commitment in I&D and in the recruitment and qualification of its professionals.
To become the leader in Portugal in the development of specialized electronic systems.
Active sharing of knowledge, leveraging partnerships to anticipate and meet the needs of costumers
Strong commitment in meeting the client expectations
To support the personal and professional development of its employees, by promoting their motivation
To spread innovative thinking, doing today what the others will only be able to do tomorrow
Microio main objective is to exceed customers’ expectations, focusing on communication and treating all information in a secretive and careful way in order to protect and save customer property, leveraging the synergies and creating innovative products . Other innovative goals go through:
Fully meet the needs and expectations of customers through innovative products and services from research and development activities; • Enhance value creation through the development of a good external communication
Monitor interfaces getting feedback on new business opportunities, the level of products and processes in partnership with customers, suppliers and other entities, and ensuring the circulation and transfer of knowledge from across the organization
Encourage a culture of innovation and creativity in order to develop ideas that contribute to the company’s competitiveness
Control / restrict access of sensitive information only to authorized partners and with the consent of the administration / customer / partner
Define security information objectives and monitor them annually ensuring confidentiality, accessibility and integrity to ensure that the system information will be kept confidential and accessible to those entitled; Microio’ members meeting ensures compliance with the requirements of NP EN ISO 9001: 2008, NP ISO/IEC 27001: 2013, best practices of NP 4457: 2007 and certification in IT Mark, and commits itself to promote continuous improvement in order to provide the company with a responsible, competent, motivated and participative management model in the framework of a permanent optimization policy



First Thermal Management System in Monfortinho Spa – BES Group

Deployment of access control in Vodafone in Parque das Nações, Lisbon

SIGE selected by Totta Bank as national wide TottaEscolas product

Begining of internal I&D supported by the national research agency through the NITEC Program

Unicard Kids implementation in the Municipality of Aveiro

First product under the initiative M2M Optimus Connect – Unicard AnyWhere;

School Market Leader (overcoming 500.000 students)

Unicard Kids implementation in the Municipality of Almada

Development of a laundry management and payment system – University of Beira Interior (UBI)

Beginning of internationalization (Brazil, Angola and Cape Verde)

Development of a shower management system – client: UBI

Unicard Business Implementation in the University of Lisbon

Internationational certification in IT-MARK and in the NP4457 standard, in this case with its integrated management system

INTERNATIONAL PATENT approved in USA – Method and apparatus for the deterministic capture of a communication channel shared among contention based technologies”

Implementation of Unicard School at The American School Foundation, in México


José A. Fonseca – Partner

Fernando Almeida – General Manager

Mónica Silva – General Advisor

Dora Semião – Administrative

Carla Ferreira – SGI Manager

Ricardo Filipe – Business Director

Pedro Jesus – Business Manager

Miguel Sousa Gomes – Project Manager

Maria Inês Sousa – Marketing

Carlos Franco – Software Director

Paulo Rocha – Software Analyst

Ilan Pegoraro – Programmer

Tiago Gonçalves – Programmer

Carla Pereira – Costumer Support – 2nd Line

David Domingues – Costumer Support – 2nd Line

Fábio Alvim – Costumer Support – 2nd Line

Mário Caramujo – Costumer Support – 2nd Line

André Rodrigues – Intern

Tânia Santos – Designer

Filipa Tavares – Test and Quality

Rafael Santos – Costumer Support

Rafael Laranjeiro – Costumer Support

Miguel Coutinho – Costumer Support

Cláudio Barbosa – Intern

Daniel Silva – R&D Coordinator

Andreia Abreu – Systems Analyst

Luís Santos – Systems Analyst

Danilo Saraiva – Systems Analyst

Nelson Cardoso – Systems Analyst

Luís Tavares – Operations Director

Pedro Avarenga – Electronics Technician

Diogo Oliveira – Informatics Technician

Bruno Tavares – Informatics Technician

Filipe Gonçalves – Electronics Technician

Daniel Santos – Electronics Technician